Stained Glass


Create a one of a kind window in your home or building.

 We help you to create stained glass art which tell stories and gives life to your creative ideas.

Custom Style

We are dedicated in bringing your creative idea to life. Alternatively, we will ask you some key questions to guide us in creating a unique piece for you.

Fused Glass

We use a variety of glass finishing techniques in our workshop for you to include in your project.

Quality Glass

It's possible to source many types and colours of glass to suit your vision. We can also discuss cost-effective options for your project.

Free Expert Consultation

We are happy to have a call or in person chat to discuss your ideas and wishes.

Window Design

When we begin our journey in a window design commission, we want to understand you and your needs deeply. From then on we work closely with you until you are happy with the design.

Initial Meeting

We offer an initial consultation to discuss your creative vision. This may be remote or in person.

Material Exploration

We offer you the opportunity to explore our glass samples, so you can imagine colour and texture in your design.

Window Sketches

We will provide you with a coloured sketch reflecting your vision discussed in our initial meetings. This can be edited and changed to your liking.

Full Scale Template

We will present to you a full scale drawing of your designed window.

Perth Prison Religious Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows to be inclusive for all religions.

We received a brief from Perth prison, they requested some sketches of stained glass designs which would be used in the prison chapel. The chapel is used for meetings and group work. This space serves prisoners as a calm place, so very different from the rest of the jail. If a man should come into this space troubled and struggling, he should leave with a sense of peace and quietness.

Stained Glass Design for Prayer

Our design proposal with the written explanation.

The design consists of three parts in each panel. The lower portion represents our path through life, which is never direct or straight, which is represented by the wandering lead lines running across each panel. The heavier straight lines running from top to bottom represent the incidents that cross our path through our lives and the decisions we must take to continue whether those be good or bad. The next portion above represents the rich and varied life we all strive to achieve, as natural light shines through this section the faith centre will be flooded with rich and varied colour, showing that this can be shared by all. Finally we come to the upper section which is devoid of any disruption representing the tranquillity and peace of heaven which we all wish to attain, but can only be attained by passing through the second section which is rich varied, and, most importantly is a life of sharing and giving.

Stained Glass Design
"The colours are vibrant, rich and with a clarity depending on the outside light – even so they are calming and quiet. Over the years I have used the windows to offer men the possibility of a journey into an inner world. The “What does this image say to you question is answered , more often than not in a profound manner and it is a privilege to be part of that reflection. Despite the lack of religious imagery these windows still ’ pierce the darkness’ and because of that are deeply understood. By men of all faiths and none."

Deirdre Yellowlees

Perth Prison Chaplain

Frequently asked questions

Can damaged stained glass be repaired without removal?

Provided the panel is accessible and in otherwise good condition, a small number of cracked pieces may sometimes be replaced in-situ, although the manipulation of the lead may be visible. If the lead has been bent or stretched out of shape, then the panel may need to be completely rebuilt.

Will stained-glass repairs be noticeable?

We will try to match the new glass to the existing as closely as possible, however, a precise match may not be possible in texture or colour. You can see an example of this on our restoration page. The new lead may have a slightly different profile to the original, and will have a more uniform satin black finish, different to the finish of the old lead.  If there are one or two minor cracks in an otherwise perfect panel that is well fitted, then leaving them alone would be our recommendation.

Can you tell me how to seal my leaded glass window?

We can certainly give you free advice on how to seal any broken lead in your stained glass window, if it is a small crack then some simple materials and tools can do the trick. However, if there is extensive damage then we would suggest a full repair, and depending on how precious your window is to you we would also advise window protection.

My stained-glass window is bowed and deformed will it have to be replaced or can it be saved?

Your window can be saved, although it would mean its complete removal. It would then be stripped down leaving only the glass sections and completely rebuilt before being reinstalled.

How much does it cost to make a stained glass design?

The cost of manufacture a stained glass window depends on the size and complexity of your project. The larger the project, the more materials you'll need and the longer it will take to complete. However, we can provide a range of prices based on typical projects. As an example, we offer a range of prices for making stained glass designs for vestibule doors and other large projects for churches. Our most basic designs possibly start at around 800 for small door windows, and our most complex are priced up to 5000 or more. Again this is just an estimation, please call us for a free consultation to get a better idea on price.

Is there a difference between Leaded Glass and Stained Glass?

Most of the time “leaded glass” and “stained glass” are used interchangeably. The term leaded glass is a blanket term used for all windows that comprise of several pieces of glass which are held together by lead cames and putty. The term stained glass would imply that coloured glass is used in the window structure.

Still have questions?

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